Bonndorf im SchwarzwaldThe Color Codes - Remove the shape and find something new in the so familiar (2019)Space over Time Using a slit camera to relativize space and time (2019)Lines (2019)3 x 3 x 3 (2019)Fridays for Future - The messages (2019)9 Doors Open - Video (2019)Individual works / ColorIndividual works / "Black and White"The House of Determination (2018)As Time Goes By (2018)Festival of Lights - Funkturm Berlin (2018)The Knight Sessions (2018)"How are you?" (2017)Message from Palamedes (2016)No #nofilter, but yes #yesoilfilter (2016)Coney Island (2015)Time out for artists (2014)Youstory - Spontaneous talks with strangers - Videos  (2014)The Monk and his Cats (2014)Supergoshu -  Video  (2014)Alles stehen und liegen lassen (2012)What we can learn from cows (02/2010 - 08/2010)East Side Gallery Berlin - Video + Photo (2010)Ex-Hansa (2009)Windows of Berlin (2006, 2007, 2008)Urban Passion (since 2006)Signs and Messages (since 2006)Earthlings (since 2006)Examples Fine Art PrintsFine Art (Login)