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When we look at photos, we mostly do it in a way linked to the shape of the shown object. We see the photo of a tulip and see - a tulip. Everyone has seen a tulip before and thus has his or her own personal experiences with tulips, good or bad, either way, but always tied to the shape of the tulip. This applies to everything we look at - we connect the shape of what we see with our own experiences and our own associations are awakened. Can this behaviour be avoided? Probably not, because looking at this or that tulip inevitably opens the 'My-Experiences-With-Tulips-Drawer'. Unfortunately this also runs the risk that one may leave no room for new experiences.

In this series the 'My-experience-with-xyz-drawer' shall be kept closed as far as possible and thus space for new sensory impressions in the oh-so-familiar shall be made available. Detached from the 'shape-bound' and detached from personal associations with the object shown, the photos are meant to be drawn on a white canvas and not pasted into a previously painted picture. This provides a chance to let go for a moment, to let the mind rest for a moment and then send it on a spontaneous journey.

In order to achieve this, the actual shape of the photographed objects are largely removed through extreme magnification and distortion. Thus something new becomes visible in the familiar - new forms and new nuances of colors.

From the series "The Color Codes"

All works of this series:
Orchid - 160 x 107  cmMy Delight - 120 x 180 cmYour Delight - 120 x 180 cmArtic Blues IV - 80 x 53 cmArtic Blues III - 120 x 80 cmOM - 147 x 100 cmThe Truth - 135 x 90 cmYROT - 130 x 87 cmSardinian Bud - 133 x 100 cmBoundary - 140 x 93 cmRed Rose - 140 x 93 cmGoltzo - 150 x 100 cmPole - 60 x 40 cmReach Out - 135 x 90 cmI Heard It Through The Grapevine - 80 x 53 cmAD - 80 x 53 cmYellow - 180 x 120 cmHope - 70 x 53 cmHome at Last - 65 x 50 cmDeep Blue - 50 x 65 cm