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It started in 2008 with a fashion show in the Berlin underground, the "Underground Catwalk" (meanwhile an integral part of the Fashion Week). At this event I took photos for a customer. The final event was in the Sage Club, where I met Justus - "could you please take pictures of our band in the rehearsal room?" So it all started. Two months later I was sitting in a rehearsal room in Neukölln with the lights of a 20 watt bedside lamp with the four lads from Flyhive, later "Devil Named Jones". From one evening with photos from the rehearsal room, the project grew and I was with the band for five years.
How it all beganJustusAnne, Justus, Martin Kesici, Katy Karrenbauer, BiancaSitting in a small room with the four lads and tiny lamps emit little lightJustusJohnJimRobertSharing is caringStuff on the rehearsal room floor