Buffalos in Brandenburg

From a photo documentation I did for an organic farmer over period of six months.
Early in the morning before I began to work for the farmer, or later in the afternoon, when work was done, I spent time with water buffaloes, galloway, horses, donkeys, and sheep. They all lived more or less on their own on a huge pasture area.
Water buffaloes are very endearing animals when dealing with each other. They rarely pass each other without a brief 'tender' touch. So is their dealings with people, 'fondle me now and then and we are friends'. It was fascinating to spend time with these wonderful beings.
Galloways are much more reserved to people, respectively it takes time to gain their trust. I spent several mornings with them without them really letting me get close to them - I moved a bit closer and they moved a bit further away. But then on a warm early summer day the herd ruminated in the sun and I leaned on a tree nearby. The ruminating galloway herd, the warm sun and the just the peaceful moment was so relaxing that I fell asleep for a few minutes. Somehow I won their trust with this short nap, because after my nap I approached them once again to take photos, and they stayed where the were. A wonderful experience.
You guessed it, the most reserved animals among the above mentioned are sheep. Day after day I tried to get close to the sheep without succeeding. As soon as they saw me getting just a little bit closer, they moved further away. One day I lay in the meadow again and tried, as so often before, to approach the sheep. The herd was quite a bit away, when all of the sudden one sheep left the herd and walked straight into my direction. It was the bellhop. The herd was still far away when he came to me and sniffed at me. After sniffing me, he moved on, and shortly after, the whole herd came past me, some sniffing, others staring, but everyone came by to see the guy who had been following them for a few days and the bellhop had recently classified his visit as "non-hazardous".
The six months with these animals, especially in the very early morning hours, were incredibly beautiful and incredibly intense.