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9 Doors Open, live reading from the novel AUREA BLUE with audiovisual sound journey.

Time stands still,
Thoughts are mute.
What are you listening to?
"Together we will experience the Big Bang" said the two souls at their first encounter.
What an event! A supernova, bright and luminous, a multiple primal orgasm, carrying within itself the potential and building material for the creation of millions upon millions of new worlds. Madness! Destiny, Paradise, Nirvana, Enlightenment, procreation of the chosen one, the birth of the new, call it what you want. Fact is, from the beginning it was about the phenomenon of life, true love, fusion and non-violent communication between a comet and his beloved planet.

"Together we can experience the big bang!". A simple sentence followed by a long echo through time ...

What is 9 Doors Open?
9 Doors Open is an audiovisual staged spacetime journey with live reading of the first episode from the novel "Aurea Blue" by Andreas Voland (musician & author) and Steffen Freiling (visual realization).

A fictitious, timeless, subtly autobiographical story in which, by overcoming blockages in various dimensions and lives, two loving souls can finally meet and merge together.

Author: Andreas Voland
Music: Andreas Voland
Visual composition: Steffen Freiling